International Funeral Services

Funeral-Services is a company with international reach, which has facilities and partners around the world. We specialize in international transport of the dead from England, Ireland and Wales. We work with funeral homes, shippers, air carriers, aid agencies and government entities worldwide for the provision of fast and affordable services, repatriation of remains, maintaining high standards and ensuring that the body of the deceased is transported with the utmost care and respect.

Thanks to the experience gained in the international arena in the transport of corpses all over the world, we are able to provide assistance in all cases involving the carriage of the deceased to Polish and from any country in the world. We will help take care of all legal and administrative problems that can occur during transport.

Transportation of the dead is a complicated and laborious process, but thanks to us becomes easier. On your behalf, we can take care of all the formalities and complicated documentation and logistics. The only thing we need is a power of attorney signed by a family member of the deceased granting us power of attorney in all matters related to repatriation. For more information on transporting the body from England, Wales or Ireland, please contact us at 0044 07448126034 or We know how tough are times when someone leaves unexpectedly close, especially in a foreign country where it is hard to find. Therefore, we are at your disposal to help in these difficult times.
We specialize in complex funeral services in the UK the following areas:

  • international transport of corpses from England, Wales and Ireland to Poland
  • cremations in Poland
  • organizing a funeral on Polish territory

We provide you with:

  • all the formalities related to the transport of corpses in the UK and Poland
  • sanitary permission
  • coffins adapted for transporting the body over long distances